How Different is Our School

The main difference is LEARNING AND TEACHING BASED PURELY ON PSYCHOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES. Every child will be subjected to psychological evaluation to arrive at an objective conclusion regarding the child’s position on the various psychological dimensions. Working on this line would prove beneficial to manifest their full potentialities, thereby providing a strong base for future development. Often children are found to be cramming their heads with facts and spend less time in play. Academic activities which shape personality are taking back seat, with only study, learning does not get integrated into their personality and its application in personal life suffers. There is absolutely no place for creativity to manifest itself. Hence the goal of the school is to prepare the child for a life long learning process. To also recognise the latent talent early in a child’s life and to nurture it. The goal is to take a broader range of the child’s potential using the multiple intelligence model than the conventional archaic modes of education.

Instead of the stress being on “HOW DO WE TEACH” the focus should be on “HOW DO WE EACH LEARN”! To recognise and teach according to each child’s strengths and preferences allows for the maximum potential in learning to occur. THIS IS THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE SCHOOL.

Information without getting converted to knowledge is a waste. Knowledge without transforming itself into wisdom is futile. Education should culminate into wisdom, the resultant being a healthy child in all dimensions, the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and the moral dimension. The main goal of the school is to enhance the child’s core ability to learn faster, easier and better. Cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, sensory processing and reasoning can be increased with proper training. This increases immediate and future brain functions and produces more accurate recall, quicker processing and easier learning across a wide range of learning.