The Tree of Learning

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The Blossoming of a child depends on Environment you provide

If a child lives with encouragement, he learns to be confident. If he lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient. If he lives with praise, he learns to be patient. If he live with acceptance, he learns to love. If he lives with approval, he learns to like himself. If he lives with recognition, he learns to have a goal. If he lives with fairness, he learns to value justice. If he lives with honesty, he learns to value truth. If he lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and others.
  • President's Pavilion

    A school is a temple of learning and this temple should have all that which calls for reverence, exposure to new ideas, joy, a sense of respect and love towards those who teach, learning itself, and a desire to grow strong both internally as a strong personality and externally in academic achievements climbing up towards the limitless sky.

    Progressing on one dimension at the cost of the other is harmful and makes the roots of an individual weak, hollow inside and falls with just a huff of wind. With the modern scenario characterized by a rapid technological progress, all of us are trying to compete with each other in an unhealthy fashion where the parents, children and the teachers themselves are stressed out leaving almost no scope for happy and stress free learning. Years of experience in handling this important ‘TRIAD’ has helped us reap a rich harvest in dealing with them with efficiency. Over the years we have developed effective techniques and methods to make learning easy, joyful and goading the children towards a personality which is sound, strong and healthy READY TO FACE THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE. Hope this venture of ours will reach out to all those approach us and give us an opportunity to serve them.
  • Principal's Message

    The current education system is tremendously competition oriented which makes a child constantly running in a ‘never ending rat race’, thereby hampering his/her overall growth and development at the cost of precious childhood days!! ‘School’ is a place where education is imparted in a holistic sense along with life skills but not teaching a . . .

    child to be a topper in studies only!! This unhealthy trend prevailing in schools these days often puts the child under unwarranted pressure to succeed who unfortunately in due course succumb to it. Our institution ‘Purna Chetana Public School’ aims at overall development of a child through systematic, scientific and specific modules which can bring out the best in a student in all dimensions with help of well trained teachers thus making learning easy.